The time has come ... for Etsy.

I've been waffling for awhile now on how I wanted to go about doing online sales, and it's something that I wanted to focus on setting up during this winter. So, once the holidays were over, I knew I needed to sit down and make a decision. After quite a bit of searching and thought, I decided that Etsy really is the best choice for me, for multiple reasons, including the excellent platform and worldwide brand, and the new Wholesale option. I'm pretty excited about these elements being offered in one place.  

So, once the decision was (finally) made, I needed to go through and take new product shots to fit the specs and feel of Etsy. It's all linked up on my site here, and I'm adding new products as they are finished and available. Here's a few of the shots, and a creative way to get pieces to stand up properly. :)