A happy juxtaposition

After some wholesale orders for customized pieces came into the studio/gallery I work out of and seeing how cool the transferred logos were coming out, the idea for applying transfer technology to my own pieces struck me as something I could do well and in a unique way. After considering what sort of theme I wanted to pursue, I kept coming back to old medical diagrams and drawings/etchings. Some are from turn-of-the-century encyclopedias, while others are from Gray's Anatomy, but all are extremely cool. The hard, clinical lines of the drawings are a great contrast to the bright colors of my Color Pop line, and anatomy is something that strikes a chord with us all as humans. Despite our outwardly physical and ideological differences, we are all the same inside ourselves (at least, mostly). These images are not only interesting to study, but convey a two-pronged message of solidarity with one another and subtly dark humor. Shown below are some samples of what images I'm working with. I plan to add one to two more to flesh out the collection. Haha. "Flesh out." I'm really happy with how these pieces are turning out, despite the horrid and unintentional pun.