For me, this collection of colors sparks my imagination to travel. I think of gloriously overgrown English gardens and sultry Spanish streets. I can sink into these colors and feel everything from a meditative calm to a vibrating excitement, often at the same time. I hope they speak to you as they do to me. 

The Comfort Mug

The Comfort Mug is a design that embodies the concept of hygge, meaning anything that is warm, charming, and cozy.

It's sitting in front of a crackling fire with a warm mug of your favorite drink. It's spending time with friends, laughing and having a delightful time. It's enjoying a solitary evening with a good book, watching the snow gently fall. It's wearing your warmest, softest sweater and pair of nobbly socks, wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket.

Feeling the warmth of the moment seep into every part of your being.

That is hygge, and that was the mental space I lived in while designing this mug.

The Comfort Mug's belly begs to have a hand wrap around it. The lip is gently curved to fit yours. The handle is perfect for one or two fingers, and the weight is such that it is easy and comfortable to hold. And there's a little bit of whimsy at the base of the handle, in the shape of a stamp I carved myself. Several stamps are used for these mugs, and it'll be a surprise which stamped mark your mug has. An extra bit of fun while you unwrap your gift to yourself.

Mini Succulent Cups

These little cups are the perfect home for the first stage of your succulent’s growth. Lined up on a window sill or scattered throughout a room, these dainty little planters are sure to delight you.